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Plumbing Supplies: Choosing the Right Set of Tools!

plumbing suppliesA system of pipes, fixtures, drains and fittings installed in a construction or building for the distribution and usage of drinking or potable water could be termed as plumbing. It also involves removal of various waterborne wastes. It also refers to experienced trade of installing and maintaining it. To perform the job well, one needs to have basic knowledge and the right tools required for the trade.

Different types of Plumbing Supplies:

Plumbing supplies are necessary and they have specific functions. There can be various types of plumbing supplies like:

  • PVC Plumbing Pipe Tools – Cutting pipes properly to make it fit is one of the most fundamental jobs to be done. It can be done with the help of pipe cutter that easily cuts the pipes or with a hacksaw that is usually used to cut PVC pipe. To make the interiors of the pipe cut smooth, a pipe cleaning brush could be used along with a metal file. Once that’s done, PVC primer is required along with some glue to connect the pipes.
  • Wrenches – A pipe wrench is the vital most tool used on a daily basis of plumbing. Wrenches are available in different sizes. Few wrenches are needed to tighten the fittings while some are used to undo the fittings.
  • Pliers – To grasp the narrow pipes, a locking pliers is used. Stillson pipe is a type of specialized wrenches used for pipe fittings except the PVC pipes.
  • Basin Wrench – A basin wrench is a long shaft required to be used for working under the sink.
  • Drain Plungers – A clog can be dealt easily with plungers due to its stretchy steel line. It helps to pull upward the clog from sinks, tubs and drains.
  • Tubing Cutter – A copper pipe can be cut easily and quickly without any mess with the use of tubing cutter. This tool looks somewhat like a C-Clamp.
  • Hand Auger – A plumber’s best friend can be said to be the hand auger which is around 25 feet long. It is made of steel and works as a hand cranked tool for clearing out drains or obstructions from sinks, toilets, etc.
  • Propane Torch – This specific torch is self igniting at the squeeze of the trigger. It makes work easier and better.

Required knowledge and expertise?

Plumbing supplies also include various tools easily available at home like tape measure, hammer, utility knife, screwdrivers, work gloves, drill drivers and a toolbox. A job can be simple or maybe complex but having the right set of plumbing supplies is essential. A plumber should be supplied with whatever required trade supplies to get the work done. He should have mandatory expertise and knowledge to get this trade correct efficiently and without any hassle.

Plumbing problems keep arising from time to time maybe due to pipe leakage or drain blockage, having the desired set of plumbing supplies at home can make work easier instead of calling a plumber. However, if the job gets to hard, it’s important to lower the ego and call the plumber.

Plumbing supplies and tools are available in different shapes and sizes depending on where it needs to be used. Keeping the desired supplies at hand to avoid any kind of problems during emergencies can solve our issues!

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