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Peter’s Plumber Phil & The Flooded Bathroom

Posted by on Nov 30, 2014 in Customer, Our Service, Past Jobs, Plumbers, Services | 0 comments

Being a Dad and a homeowner have what in common with plumbing?

Plumbing is by far one of the most challenging do-it-yourself projects you’ll ever try to do. Need proof? Here’s how Peter’s project went…

Being brave and cheap, Peter’s home in southwest Indiana was in dire need of a bathroom upgrade. The problem is he bought into the concept of doing the project himself. Don’t forget Home Depot and Lowe’s tells you how easy it can be while saving money. The walls came out without too many bumps and bruises. Next, the toilet. Then the vanity and sink. Wait, almost.

Apparently the critical part of the project didn’t go as well planned as he thought. He had forgotten to shut off the water main. So when he accidentally broke the cold water supply pipe to the sink, guess what? Niagara falls. The bathroom flooded in less than a minute. Water poured throughout the kitchen as well as damaged the ceiling on the first floor.

Desperate, he did what he should have done right after his first coffee break. Call a qualified plumber who specializes in-you guessed it-plumbing. After the clean up crew left, he held a bill for $1300. The plumber, Phil, shook his head in disgust. “Peter,” he said, “Be smart and always call a plumber the next time you start dreaming about home improvement.”

Plumbing is more than a mere trade tough-looking guys do for work. Actually, their training involves years of apprenticeship just to qualify for the certification test. Then there’s additional training which can last years. So why is it plumbing is considered a simple task homeowners can do themselves? Turn on your television or radio for the answer. The home improvement industry wants you to buy their warehouses filled with tools, pipes and who can forget the new toilets?

The problem is when you’re knee-deep into your project, something always goes wrong. But it gets worse because then you’re stuck without any help to finish. Plumbing is one of those projects best left to the professionals. What they charge is far less than what you’ll pay for clean up and repair after you’ve accidently broken a few pipes.

Don’t forget, many city building codes require your plumbing meet local and state regulations. The last thing you want to find out when trying to sell your home is that your plumbing does not pass an appraiser’s inspection.